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Dear partners, investors, customers,

We are pleased to invite you into our crowd-founding START-UP project:

Manufacturing technology for integration of Film into Spacer

Protected by: CZ Patent and International patent pending

Value of the project: 1.370.000 Euro

Project opening date: 10.10.2016
Since 14.11.2016 is project opened also for financial investors.
First 30 days stage was open exclusive for window/glass industry.
We prepare a page with information for financial investors. Published will be from 16.11.

In the first phase we guarantee 10 units of the new manufacturing technology, they will be produced and supplied in 2017/2018 and its production will continue.
The costs of the new manufacturing technology will be 500,000 to 1,000,000 Euro.
More details you can read in project description

Four options:

  1. TECHNOLOGY for IG manufacturers: Invest 10.000 Euro or more to get:
    Preference to get the new technology.

  2. TECHNOLOGY for Windows producers: Invest 50.000 Euro or more to get:
    Preference to get the new technology.
    The technology will be used to manufacture the new and revolutionary FiS glazing for your own products only, not for sale.

  3. TECHNOLOGY with EXCLUSIVITY: Invest 100.000 Euro or more to get:
    Preference to get the new technology.
    Territorial Exclusivity - see details

  4. SOLE AGENCY: Invest 200.000 Euro and more to get::
    Representation of the technology producer for a particular country (except EU).
    Exclusive rights to sell the new technology and components for the FILM in SPACER solution in the chosen country - see details

Your priority position always depends on the amount of your investment.
In case of parallel activities from the same territory individually negotiated decision will be taken.

Thank you for your shown interest:

If you are also interested, please, contact us:
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